Generalized Mining or Mining 2.0 - Staking Networks

Coin Citadel uses it mining power and nodes to promote numerous Decentralized Networks, more recently described as Generalized mining, also called mining 2.0. Providing Supply Side Services to a distributed Network in return for compensation usually in the form of Digital Assets provided by the Network.

With more and more Decentralized Networks being build in the world, they all need global mining support and node support to succeed.  Coin Citadel allows investors participate in the networks in order to seed activity on them. Coin Citadel does this in the early days of a network as opposed to when it's matured, whether this will lead away from a peer-to-peer vision for crypto toward more professionalization and how this affects the basic premise of the fat protocols thesis.  

Historical - Coin Citadel Press - In the digital currency space since 2014

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptocurrency services startup, Coin Citadel (OTC:CCTL) today announced the installation of its first Bitcoin ATM at the Woodland Hills, California corporate headquarters of CrowdGather, Inc. (CRWG). The ATM is the Satoshi1 cryptocurrency vending unit manufactured by San Diego based, Genesis Coin ( Coin Citadel also provided an update on its launch strategy.

We are a development stage cryptocurrency services company that plans to engage both as an online bitcoin exchange as well as an owned and operated network of physical bitcoin ATM machines that will serve as physical locations to connect with our exchange when it comes online.

Coin Citadel

A Digital Currency and Blockchain Investment Company

Coin Citadel is a publicly listed Fintech company that connects blockchain technology and digital assets.

  • Investing in the hardware to support and mine digital assets and support numerous blockchain nodes while creating long term shareholder value 
  •  CCTL is focused on building, operating, and supporting blockchain technologies. Its primary operations consist of cryptocurrency mining, development of exchange and mining pool platforms, along with other investments within the space.

Mission statements -  Our goal at Coin Citadel is to enable investors to gain exposure to the price movement of the crypto market through a Blockchain Company, without the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping crypto currencies.

Investments - Coin Citadel focuses their attention on blockchain technologies. As an early entrant in the cryptocurrency marketplace (2104), CCTL, Inc. is building on their blockchain assets by supporting numerous blockchains with their mining power. CCTL  directly engages with decentralized networks and contributes support to companies designing blockchain protocols and applications. 

This will include but will not be limited to Blockchain projects for Crypto Currencies, Crypto Assets, Utility Tokens, Emerging Blockchain Protocols, Mobile Payment Apps, Digital Wallets and Custodial storage companies.


Executive profile - CEO - Thomas William Pillsworth V

2014 -  University Nicosia - DFIN-511: Introduction to Digital Currencies 

2015 - Bitcoin Foundation member

Scaling Bitcoin - Montreal

DevCore Boston - The Bitcoin Foundation’s DevCore Roundtable 

Princeton -   Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

  Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) -  CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium 

2016 -   Stanford University Courses - Cryptography and Computer Networking 

Consensus 2016

2017  - Oxford Fintech Programme from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford 

2018 - Oxford Blockchain Program from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Cryptocurrency and Disruption -  The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 

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